Klaus W. Rieck   Sculptor


Klaus W. Rieck 

is born in Kassel/ Germany 
Stonemason Apprenticeship in Kassel 
Studies in Drawing, Architecture and Sculpture in Berlin/ University of Arts (UDK), Germany. 

Since 1996 Freelance in own Studio 
Klaus W. Rieck accepts Participated in individual and group exhibitions and was on various represented at sculpture symposiums. In addition to free artistic work, he also reconstructs historical architectural sculptures on commission. In particular, since 2013 he has created a number of sculptural works for the historic facades of the Humboldt Forum in Berlin.

Sculptures in public space:

Berlin: Auguststrasse (Gipsdreieck), Volkspark Friedrichshain. Giessen: Universität (Juridicum). Lelkendorf: Schloss .  Königslutter

I have been sculpting and working with natural stone for over 30 years. Many things inspire me: nature, music, art, people and life in general. A new sculpture emerges from an initial idea or concept. Some ideas fly to me and others develop from previous sculptures. Many influences come together, the material stone, the coincidence or the result of the action itself. Each sculpture matures in a process that can sometimes take years until I can no longer change anything, which leads to an optimization. I ended up creating a sculpture that, at best, looks like it was always there. A work of art that speaks for itself and expresses something that cannot be represented in any other way. Its magical. One could try to describe it in words, but it would never be the same. A sculpture is visible from many perspectives and can also be grasped with the hands.